173: Building Muscle Tone With Mary’s Milkshake


Why do people who are weight-lifting for muscle bulk eat all sorts of synthetic muscle-building powders with known side-effects, when nature has provided a nearly perfect food for the type of quick protein and energy one needs during or after a workout? In fact, working out or not, this superfood can be safely consumed by everyone, is comparatively inexpensive, and does so much good in the body, we dedicated our podcast to it!

This week Dr. Jack and Mary talk about the power of eggs; nature’s true superfood and the role it plays in Mary’s Incredible Raw Egg Shake recipe. Tune in to understand the science behind the nutrition, and why whole food shakes will trounce a synthetic “muscle gainer” every time.


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2 thoughts on “173: Building Muscle Tone With Mary’s Milkshake

  1. Theforbiddendoctor says:

    Jana, if you search for Mary’s Milkshake in the top left search bar, the protocol for the milkshake and the four powders recommend (and other synergistic powders) will come up with a nice explanation about the power of the milkshake. If you click on the recipe picture on the right side, the recipe will blow up bigger and you can either read it, save it, or print it.

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