167: They Would Have Told Us, Right?


What does informed consent even mean? This week Dr. Jack and Mary take a serious look at the misinformation at the heart of the vaccination debate in the US. There are so many economic interests at play, that our message has always been to remain skeptical. Skeptical of the pro-vaccination crowd, and even skeptical of some skeptics!

Which leads us to informed consent. All we really strive for at Forbidden Doctor is to educate and inform. So that when you are faced with decisions related to yours or your family’s health, informed consent can mean what it’s supposed to mean.

Tune in for an aggravating tour of the current landscape of vaccine half-truths and why it matters.

Sorry about the audio, folks! We think we’ve got it sorted, but this week and next, it’s a little echo-y.


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One thought on “167: They Would Have Told Us, Right?

  1. Jana Rhinehart says:

    I enjoyed your last two podcast 167 and 168 very much, BUT podcast 167 sounded like Mary was in a barrel, and podcast 168 sounded like Jack was in a barrel. The ones in a barrel was very hard to understand, Just wanted to let you know.

    Jana Rhinehart

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