163: Enzymes – The River Of Energy


The body’s ability to produce enzymes decreases dramatically in our 30’s. But does it have to?

This week Dr. Jack dives into the energy production mechanisms found in our bodies. There are roughly 5000 enzyme reactions so far identified in the human body. Within this framework, enzymes do the heavy lifting in providing us the energy we need to live our lives.

But these catalyzing agents in our bodies operate within narrow parameters. It’s easy to disrupt the energy production cycles of our bodies. With careful analysis it’s becoming clear that our chemical-laden lifestyles may be having a much more profound impact on even the most basic chemical processes in our cells, than scientists suspected.

Tune in to learn why the “drugs for everything” epidemic in our medical industry, and our scorched-earth pesticide use is disruptive to critical living processes, in subtle ways we are only beginning to understand. Is there a way forward?


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