162: On The Edge of Order & Chaos

Ordered Chaos

The natural state of our bodies hovers between total order and chaos.

This week Dr. Jack and Mary talk about how life itself fits into the puzzle of order and chaos in our universe. Human life and human health are fraught with difficult choices affecting the order within our own lives.

We are not victims of our childhood or the lessons of life that moved us from order to chaos. We are empowered to seek the order of a deliberate and healthful life.

Much like the catalysts involved with the earliest life emerging from lifelessness, catalysts are all around us, as in our gut health we always talk about and even in the decisions you make about life and love. Everything you do catalyzes the energy that exists with other people. When this state is in balance, there is only peace and love.

Tune in and follow through the implications of owning your own catalyzing moments, and the moving away from chaos into healing, light, and love.


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