155: What To Do When You’re Really, Really Sick


This week Dr. Jack and Mary have some shocking stories from real-life patients in their clinic.

We know most physicians out there are well-intentioned, but with a medical system fraught with conflicts of interest, limited to managing their symptoms, and under the direct influence of the pharmaceutical industry, patients often find themselves with little recourse to follow what they believe is a one-way street instead of an understanding of how to heal foundationally.

As we compiled the list of very, very sick people, what keeps emerging is a pattern that constantly reveals a culture of ignorance and misunderstanding regarding the natural healing processes of the body. Though modern crisis care constantly saves millions of people every day, there remains a powerful healing tool that has yet to show up in the modern health care area. 

To reveal this missing piece of the healing puzzle is the mission of the Forbidden Doctor. The patient’s stories in this podcast episode reveal the shortcomings of modern health care and how much further it needs to reach in the cases of chronic illness.

These are the types of cases that constantly motivate and inspire us to continue our mission at Forbidden Doctor. Tune in to find out how to help someone who has been left behind because of the medical limitations of drugs for everything and drugs for anything. What can we do to help very, very sick people?


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