152: Depression and the Brain – A 100-Year-Old Forbidden Remedy

Depression and the Brain

Have we been kidding ourselves and misinterpreting the data regarding magnesium and it’s role in depression?

This week Dr. Jack and Mary take a look at century-old research into magnesium and depressive disorders on their journey to a fateful study in 1985, that may have changed everything.

For many years, magnesium’s proven effects on the brain and cerebral-spinal system were brought into question by dubious science that had mistaken blood levels of magnesium, with the actual, critical magnesium to measure.  The key is not magnesium in the bloodstream. It’s magnesium in the brain!

Tune in to find out why there is a huge difference between these magnesium levels and what they mean for clinical depression and many other cerebral-spinal disorders, and what we all must do to increase the amount of magnesium getting across the blood-brain barrier.


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4 thoughts on “152: Depression and the Brain – A 100-Year-Old Forbidden Remedy

    • Theforbiddendoctor says:

      Hi Philip – Standard Process West’s Mark Anderson was asked this in the seminar he gave about EZ-Mg and he said Standard Process didn’t study that specifically, so we don’t know.

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