151: Autoimmune Diseases and Forbidden Cures

Autoimmune Science

This week Dr. Jack and Mary delve into autoimmune function and dysfunction.

With an 80-year scandal in the making, researchers are actually starting to come around to the role specific organ and glandular extracts might play in a myriad of specific conditions.
Once again, nearly 80 years after Dr. Royal Lee first reported precisely this type of phenomena in his research in the 1940’s, we see that this ancient, forbidden wisdom must be reconsidered in modern medicine, specifically with new research in immunity and DNA reactions to particular tissue types.
The autoimmune process is vastly complicated. As we grapple with the terms auto-antigen and auto-antibody, and what Dr. Lee predicted toward the end of his life, we see there is synergy long before modern medicine was ready to deal with this truth.
Tune in to find out how to put this forbidden knowledge to use in your own diet.


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