148: Bringing Ageless Thyroid To The World

Ageless Thyroid ad

In this podcast, Dr. Jack & Mary are announcing the birth of something that has been in the works for over two years! Finally! Everyone is going to be introduced to this amazing product!

This week Dr. Jack and Mary are unleashing their perfect thyroid supplement to the entire world. What has been celebrated and embraced here in the US is now poised to make a big splash on the world stage! Four million people will hear about this tomorrow! Be the first to listen in!

We are very excited.

Some of you have heard our story. Many others have joined us in recent months. We have an amazing story to tell you, and an amazing opportunity for serious seekers of Forbidden Knowledge. Not only is there the opportunity for a free product for each and every listener that jumps in fast–– but there are other hidden deals in this offering!

So listen to this short podcast and be a part of this


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2 thoughts on “148: Bringing Ageless Thyroid To The World

  1. Peggy Rose says:

    Everything I’m seeing is how the product helps women. Is it helpful for men as well? I was going to start having my husband take it. I know it’s whole food so it won’t hurt him, but will it be very helpful to him?

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