147: Dr. Jack Is On A Roll, or The Gut Flora / Health Connection


This week Dr. Jack takes us into the gut. Imagine a place in your body where an infectious onslaught is constantly introduced, day-in, and day out, and you are imagining your own digestive system. No wonder as we age, we all seem to have gut-related issues, at least after meals, if not chronically.
Anywhere your body meets the external environment all around us, it is going to be the most susceptible to nutritional-based malfunction. Current estimates are in the 1600’s for the number of bacteria so far discovered in the human digestive biome. Not all bad, but certainly not all good. And in the middle of all of this sits your own nutrition profile. How healthy and nourished is your own gut?
Ultimately the quest for superior nutrition has never been easy. It certainly isn’t today.
The difference between being healthy and being vulnerable to your environment is entirely dependent on your guts microbiome and what it does with the food you eat. Tune in to hear Dr. Jack pull these ideas together into a coherent story. 

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