133: The Only Vaccine Guide A New Parent Will Ever Need

Vaccine Guide for New Parents

Are all vaccines bad? Believe it or not, the jury is still out on so many different types of vaccines, it may be safer to avoid them.

But what is less controversial is the emerging studies that continue to cast doubt on the safety and efficacy of so many vaccines, on so young a patient.

Before we are able to answer once and for all if vaccines outweigh the dangers of the diseases they are meant to treat, we at least need to be honest about the crazed aggression in our current vaccination schedule on newborns and infants. Mary and Dr. Jack have put together this special podcast to guide new parents, or anyone interested in this controversial topic, as they wade into the waters of modern vaccination politics.

3 thoughts on “133: The Only Vaccine Guide A New Parent Will Ever Need

  1. Peggy Rose says:

    I just wanted you to be aware that this podcast has been removed from youtube for violating terms of service. In other words ” they don’t want the truth out to warn parents and save chilren’s lives!! 😡

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