128: What DOES Cause Heart Attacks

What DOES Cause Heart Attacks

This week Dr. Jack and Mary finish their deep dive of heart health and heart attack lore.

In our last episode, we showed why the common “low-fat” wisdom of heart health and heart attack survival is killing more and more of us every year, but then what is the answer? What should we focus on to give our hearts their best shot at long-term, problem-free health, instead?

Dr. Jack and Mary have years working to heal both sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The heart operates at the cross-roads of these two systems, and is impacted dramatically by both. Crucially, there are physical and physiological factors that put these two systems out of balance in most people; especially as we succumb more and more to stress.

The good news is that both spinal corrections and nourishing the nervous system has some of the most obvious benefit for heart health patients we’ve measured, and is intuitively aligned with what we know about whole food nutrition.

So where do we start? What steps to take to get these systems back in balance? Tune in to find out…

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