119: The Hell of Neuropathy


This week Dr. Jack and Mary look at the controversy of neuropathy. At once a terribly disruptive disease ruining peoples’ lives and a confoundingly difficult disease to diagnose and treat with conventional medications.

Of course, the medical establishment retreats to opiates for most severe neuropathy cases, completely surrendering to the idea that neuropathy is here to stay with every patient who has it. But as is so often the case, Dr. Jack and Mary have very real experience successfully eliminating neuropathic pain with many of their clinical patients over the years.

There are nutritional components at play, and in many cases, routine NUCCA adjustments can have extraordinary effects on the worst sufferers.

It’s time that we start addressing the root causes of neuropathy when there is no obvious scarring or physical trauma. Even where there is, the pain doesn’t have be unbearable, and patients don’t need to be out of their minds on synthetic pain killers. Tune in to find out how real relief is possible. Take back control of your pain and your life.

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Raw Egg Whey Shake Recipe

7 thoughts on “119: The Hell of Neuropathy

  1. Mary Stockwell Miller says:

    Jack, I am your aunt Mary and I live in Valley View, Ohio. My comment is ……

  2. Gene Gage says:

    Very interesting podcast.
    Explains why I have certain pains.
    Please provide protocol print outs in future podcasts (ex. Heart Health Protocol)
    Thanks for all you both do.

  3. Rufus says:

    What changed on the audio and progress control??? Can not move to re play or go forward to find what I am looking for on THIS video. Have not had this problem before.

  4. Catherine Diello-Sherod says:

    Please help! I am in constant pain and have been in. Ed almost two years. I want to be whole again.
    I praise God I found your website but the podcasts aren’t playing . Can you assist me.
    So I can continue searching knowledge for answers that may help me have my life again.

  5. Theforbiddendoctor says:

    Hi Catherine, I would try using a different internet browser or disabling pop-up blockers. That might be the issue causing the video to not play.

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