105: Organ Donation – Have You Been Told The Truth?

The truth about organ donation

We want to say right up front that organ donations have saved countless lives, turning tragic circumstances for one family into wonderful circumstances for another family.

We are not against the principles of donating organs to those in need when a terminal illness or serious accident causes death without severe damage to some or many organs. The problem, as usual, is the commerce attached to this end of the health care spectrum.

With nebulous definitions of “brain death” and “death”, the organ donation industry has crossed the line more than once, into ethical grey areas where it is not at all clear that the donor had no chance for life of their own.

With doctors calling for a new ethics around organ donation, Dr. Jack and Mary take a deeper look at this phenomenon. What sort of boundaries can and should be established that aren’t in place today? Tune in to be shocked.

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2 thoughts on “105: Organ Donation – Have You Been Told The Truth?

  1. Theforbiddendoctor says:


    As my football head coach used to say to me in high school when doing the mile run after every practice…..”Stockwell, catch up!!”

    Dr. Jack

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