104: Lock Jaw – Cleansing The Parasite Problem

Locked Jaw from Parasites

Locking or locked jaw symptoms can be serious or even deadly. First, there is the obvious problem of adequate breathing and eating if your jaw is preventing or impeding your mouth from opening normally.

But a locked jaw situation can mean a number of more serious infections or even parasite infestations. And if one family member is infested, other family members are certain to also be infested.

Gross! But too often ignored by doctors until there have been months or years of unnecessary suffering and illness.

And then of course, the recommendation is always antibiotics or basically pesticides to kill the invader (along with your gut flora and digestive system tissues).

Of course, there is a better way. Mother nature provides adequate protection for most parasites if your body is nourished properly.

And let’s not forget that body alignment can have a huge impact on jaw health as well. Malocclusions and their relationship with neck alignment can have a dramatic impact on the health of the jaw. The bottom line is that locking jaw symptoms can be several complex problems. Dr. Jack and Mary cover several possible causes, and the non-poison options available to people suffering from this horrible problem.

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