102: 3 Easy Steps To Stop Heartburn, Gas & Bloating

Supplements Can Help Stomach Upset From Acidic Foods

We’ve been trained to think that heartburn, gas and bloating are minor nuisances, easy to medicate in various ways. Now more than ever, research shows us how simple-minded this type of thinking is.

This week Dr. Jack and Mary discuss several critical components of digestion. Not only is our body telling us important information when you have heartburn or bloating, but it’s positively irresponsible to ignore, or medicate away these issues.

Both your diet choices, as well as your gut health could be serious compromised, causing all kinds of digestion disruption symptoms, including the three we are talking about here.

The good news is that nutrition and whole food supplements can cause an amazing transformation to your gut health, curbing or even eliminating heartburn, gas and bloating.

If you have any of these symptoms, you should tune in to learn about the real science at work in your gut, and what you can do to treat digestive problems naturally. Don’t forget that our patients can also find additional information, including a protocol to stop acid reflux in it’s tracks, when granted access to our patient portal.

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